8 thoughts on “Why They Scream

  1. I see this so much on atheist pages on FB. i quote a lot of Atheism Analyzed there an they just freak out Atheism thrives in the dark. They must censor and bully anyone who posts legitimate critique . Sad.


  2. I am well, thanks. But I have been locked out of my original blog, apparently permanently. And my attempt to start up on wordpress ran immediately into a lock-out as well.

    So I’m sitting back, wondering what to do, and if I’m even needed on the blogosphere any longer. The national identity division has its basis in Atheism, but it is completely buried in racial hatred from the Left. Hence, Atheism (and rational discussion of all types) is no longer a factor in terms of persuasion.

    It meets me at an unstable portion in my own life. So I’m just watching a waiting to see whether I can contribute any more.

    Thanks for your message. I think it got posted… maybe.



  3. Hi Stan

    I’m so glad you’re doing well. But oh my God, I can’t believe what this has succumb to. It’s as if I’ve stepped into an alternate reality where the Left/Atheism has finally managed to silence all critics. What’s next…do bloggers have to fear for their safety too?

    Surely their must be another blog site like livejournal.com where you can continue to contribute and share your expertise.


  4. Hey Stan, good to know that you are alive and well. I had contacted Steven as I was wondering whether he had any news since the radio silence on Atheism Analyzed. It’s very bizarre this thing of Blogger.com blocking your content but it seems that you found good alternatives here and on that other blog your profile links to…

    I was going to offer reaching out to some of my friends who work at Google to see whether there is a way to talk to a real person about the issue, but that might be a moot point now that you have reliable alternatives. I might disagree with you on a lot of things, but I would always be on your side when it comes to being able to express yourself freely. Anyway, let me know if that would be useful.



    1. Hugo, Thanks for the offer. However, I guess I will stay on this site instead of trusting the “morals” of Google-the-slayer-of-dissent. I will probably have to ultimately either create a totally independent site, or go dark completely in response to the anti-liberal Leftist assaults on freedom of communication.


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